Operations Research – Network Tools CPM and PERT



You  will get here the basic expertise of drawing the network diagram, numbering the events, and finding the critical path. You will also learn the technique of ‘crashing’ or compressing the network with a view to complete the project earlier than its schedule. You will get an exposure to the ‘probabilistic’ calculations in the network diagram

Who this course is for:

  • If you are studying for the BMS or Bachelor of Management, a degree course in Mumbai University, you are the perfect target
  • You could be studying for the BE or BTech course in any Indian University
  • You may be studying for any Diploma Course after graduation. And Operations Research may be one of the subjects you are learning
  • If you are studying for the MBA or MMS degree anywhere in India, the chances are that you will have ‘OR’ as one of the subjects.
  • If you are doing a BBA, BMS or a CPA course
  • If you are studying for any Diploma courses any where where OR is one of the subject

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