Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs – LEVEL 1



There are without a doubt a lot of great guitar courses out there but do they provide you with tools to practice the material efficiently? The “Learn The Guitar By Learning Songs”-series aim to do so. Every lesson teaches you a song and every step in the learning process is represented by short play-along videos in slower speeds (“Practicing Videos”). At the end of each lesson there’s a Song-Video which is a fully produced track with on-screen notation. This makes each lesson a meaningful practicing session as well. This general course has 5 levels and will take you from complete beginner to an “early advanced” level. The course has been road tested through 15 years of research in real world teaching situations. Visit the web-adress in the preview-video to get more info, “Is This My Level”-videos and Lesson Samples.

LEVEL 1 covers 18 songs in 20 lessons.  Each song introduces new challenges in fine tuned steps from lesson to lesson. All play-alongs have on-screen notation. . Covers the 8 basic chords, Strumming, Hybrid-picking, Power-Chords, Linear playing and more. No previous experience needed

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Guitar Students

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