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Abdul Rauf Khan

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[100% Off] Malware Analysis Masterclass – Defeat Hackers And Malware Udemy Coupon

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Every day a new breach occurs at companies large and small. Some impact tens of millions of customers, destroy a company’s reputation, consumer trust, or investor confidence.

Some breaches go unnoticed for months or years and quietly leak sensitive information, company secrets, customer data, and more. In this course, Malware Analysis: The Big Picture, you will learn the basics of what malware is, and how it gets into your networks and infects your systems.

First, you will delve into what skills, tools, and teams you’ll need in place to effectively combat these breaches. Next, you will dive into types of malware analysis and which is best suited for a particular situation. Finally, you will learn about gap analysis; ensuring holes are being filled and resources directed in the proper areas.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to make effective decisions regarding what resources are required, legal considerations during and after a breach, and best practices to minimize the effect of malware breaches within your environment.

Instructors: Abdul Rauf Khan

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