[100%Off] Latest Python Programming From Scratch With Practicals Free 10 Hour Certification Udemy Coupon


Course Instructor:

Tutorials Point

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Course Descreption:
  • Understand the programming constructs for problem solving
  • Develop small programs using problem solving approach
  • Learn the fundamentals of Python programming
  • Basic math knowledge: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, knowledge of types of numbers such as integers and decimal numbers, exponentiation, etc.
  • Computer installed with Windows/Linux/OS X
  • Minimum of 4 GB RAM

Learn the fundamentals of Python through video lectures and get a deep understanding of the programming logic.

Python is an easy to learn programming language with a wide variety of well-paying jobs in many fields, including data science, web development, and network programming.  There couldn’t be a better time for you to join the world of Python!

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