[100%Off] Flutter Tutorials – Latest Packages and Components Udemy Coupon


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Praveen Rai

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[100% Off] Flutter Tutorials – Latest Packages and Components Udemy Coupon

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Learn about latest and stylish flutter components and packages along with the source code.

Flutter Packages and Components in this tutorial :

1. Bubbled Navigation Bar

2. Widget With Code View

3. Circular Bottom Bar

4. Color Picker

5. Curved Navigation Bar

6. FL Radial Menu

7. Foldable Side Bar

8. IntroView

9. Lamp Navigation Bar

10. ListWheelScrollView

11. Navigation Rail

12. Scratcher

13. Shrink Side Menu

14. Snake Navigation

15. Speedometer

16. Spin Circle Bar

17. Stepper

18. Vertical Card Pager

19. VideoPlayer

20. WaveDrawer

In this tutorial, you will also learn about how to upload flutter project on Github.

Bonus – Speed Course – Covid-19 Tracker App Using Flutter Along with the source code.

Instructors: Praveen Rai

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