[100%Off] Executive Coaching: Illustration through Nokia as a Case Udemy Coupon


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Dr. Krishna Raj Bhandari

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[100% Off] Executive Coaching: Illustration through Nokia as a Case Udemy Coupon

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I feel honoured to state that I have crossed 12,000 students combined in all courses I offered in UDEMY and have been able to keep the rating beyond 4.0.

Are you a manager but being challenged by your team’s poor performance? or

Are you a project manager from technical background who needs managerial understanding? or

Are you an engineer or technician managing a team?  or

Are you an aspiring student of management looking for management career?

This is the right course for you. I have reviewed over 90 courses on management coaching in Udemy and realised that many of these courses are either too practice focused or too theory focused. Therefore, I have taken a middle ground in blending theory and practice.

For theory, I have reviewed the extant theories and emerging theories alike and related that with examples from Nokia where I spent over half a decade in strategic analysis area.

After the course,

– You will feel confident in your ability to manage your team and deliver results

– Structure your team towards management by objective (MBO)

– Develop your communication and leadership skills so that you can understand others while being understood.

– Understand how to set team’s expectations, limitations, and build confidence

– Help your employees to manage emotions and be empowered

– Encourage sub-ordinates to take responsibility and transfer authority

– Explore your managerial niche and design your career growth trajectory

– Understand how to manage under uncertainty with proven models and tools

– Realise the power of understanding emotions rather than competence

– Learn why change is hard and what could be done

– Once you master these techniques, you may become a consultant as well. An alternative path to career planning may become a possibility

Apart from these key objectives and results (OBR), you will learn the definition and functions of management together with changing role of a manager. While you will immerse into four functions of management: planning, organising, leading, and controlling, you will explore how resources are optimised for MBO (management by objective) and jobs to be done approach. At the end you will look through the future in chapter covering organisational change and development together with contemporary issues in management.

Instructors: Dr. Krishna Raj Bhandari

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